Spårväg syd

Project info


Within the program study Spårväg syd, design intentions has been developed to serve as inspiration and tools in the further work process with the development of a light rail route between Flemingsberg and Älvsjö through Skärholmen. They provide a base for the coming detailed design phase of the project. The new tramline relates to the surrounding areas by becoming an integrated part of it, or by being a passage or transport corridor. The balance between these various conditions together with the tramways rigid structure create the premises for the future design. The tramway and its stations design and location are part of a larger urban context. A line that is well integrated with existing and planned surroundings, will give the opportunity to create attractive urban environments. This will strengthen the new lines attraction and improve the passenger base for public transport. The design intentions have been developed in close collaboration with the stakeholders along the planned line.

Other info

Treeline has acted as specialists on urban design and infrastructure on behalf of the Stockholm County Council.