Infrastructure, road, landscape analysis, bridge architecture


Swedish Transport Administration

Design program, technical documentation for landscape and bridge architecture, building support

2017 – 2020


Elisabeth Rågdahl och Karl-Johan Tomczak in collaboration with &Rundquist


The Swedish Transport Administration plans to increase the capacity of the railway Västra stambanan between Järna and Gnesta. At present, there are level crossings that prevent the expansion of the capacity.

Overpasses will be built to first and foremost increase the safety of road users, as well as to reduce interference and increase the railway capacity. At Solviks grindar, this is accomplished through the construction of a road bridge that connects to an existing road through high road banks.

The aim of the project is to create an overpass with limited environmental impact and limited barrier effect in the landscape.

The road and landscape space along the current section of road will change as a result of the new construction. A new road bridge over the railway will become a new and highly visible element in the open landscape.

The proposed road bridge is an approximately 109 meter long concrete bridge consisting of bridge beam, two land brackets and four bridge supports under the bridge. The chosen length and alignment of the bridge strives to adapt to the scale of the landscape and the character of the open valley where it is placed.

The proposed bridge length and the location of the bridge in the landscape allow you to maintain a visual connection between the open fields that today have a clear connection in the landscape.

Road banks are designed and leveled to look natural in the landscape.