Sidi Al Saiah housing project

Project info


CM/CS (construction management/construction supervision) geotechnical engineer in charge for Sidi Al Saiah housing project 40 km south of Tripoli. 15 000 housing units, public buildings and infrastructure on 850 hectares. The contractor was BCEG (Beijing Construction Engineering Group) and it had approximately 4 000 workers on site. Dynamic compaction on both cut and 9 m fill. Continuous settlement calculations and monitoring of the ongoing construction. Trial areas for dynamic compaction, vibration monitoring, SPT verification of the soil bearing capacity and static load testing. Lab testing for soil properties on site is conducted continuously. The project also included design review for all infrastructure and public buildings such as school, hospitals, mosques, post offices and police stations.

Other info

Mikael Johansson was CM/CS geotechnical engineer on site for 13 months.