Construction projects

Habo Municipality

Dagab Inköp & Logistik AB

Construction management, project management, design management, technical supervision

2019 – 2021


David Holm, Davy Prieur, Elisabeth Rågdahl, Jacob Ekblad, Markus Eek De Geer, Mikael Johansson, Lovisa Näswall, Tuba Kolat


Axfood, through its purchasing and logistics company Dagab, is building a brand-new and edge-cutting logistics facility in Bålsta, which is planned to be completed in 2023. As Axfood’s, upto now, most significant investment, the new warehouse will be one of the most modern logistic facilities in Europe for retail and e-commerce. NREP is constructing and managing the facility on behalf of Axfood. The new logistic facility will house approximately 1000 employees, divided into 2 or 3 shifts.

The land next to the warehouse is owned by Axfood and will contain a staff and truck parking area. More activities may be added to the plan in the future, as there is unused space on the land. Since the land acquisition from Håbo municipality, Treeline has been engaged as a general consultant for Axfood. Treeline’s assignment has included project management, sketching, design, contractor procurement, and construction management during the construction process.

In close cooperation with Dagab, Treeline’s consultancy team has sketched out various uses for the land and conducted a dialogue with the municipality, the local transport authority and NREP, which is building the warehouse on the adjacent land. Before deciding the property’s primary purpose as a staff and trucking parking, many different uses have been tested and evaluated. These include greenhouses using surplus heat from the warehouse and fruit growing. The facility developed by Treeline currently consists of a 600 staff car parking space and parking spaces for 45 trucks -five are charging stations for fully electrified trucks, 12 for smaller trucks and 5 for extra-long trucks.

Image rights: Treeline