Public space, Transportation

Trafikförvaltningen for City of Stockholm
Landscape architecture, Design management
2020 –
Karl-Johan Tomczak, Elisabeth Rågdahl, Lovisa Näswall, Tuba Kolat

Jan Stenbecks torg is a centrally located square in Kista, northern Stockholm. The square is a hub in Kista for mainly the large number of people who have their workplace in Kista, but also for visitors to Kista Centrum.  In connection with the construction of the Tvärbanan Kista light rail, Jan Stenbecks torg needs to be adapted to the new stop, which will be in the middle of the square. Treeline, Rundquist and Sweco worked together on the design programme on behalf of the City of Stockholm.

The site contains a large number of complex issues, which has involved a number of different investigations on varying scales to ensure that the design of the square is indeed feasible. For example, the square is located on a garage roof, the viability of which for trams is being investigated.

The design aims to create a coherent square which, despite the fact that the tracks run across the square, should be perceived as a clearly coherent space. The height differences that exist in the square today are removed and an open and transparent square is created. A uniform base is achieved by a continuous ground material that extends across the entire square. Furniture and track area land quietly on a safe and calm floor.  Furniture is positioned to provide variety in shade, sun and views. A weather shelter unique to the project has been developed.  Planting beds for a number of trees are planned. Rainwater will be retained in the plant beds. The space for tree planting is very limited both below and above ground.

The desired uniform floor, visibility and free movement across the square is challenging to provide while achieving traffic safety, security and accessibility requirements, in addition to buildability requirements. Accessibility for operation and maintenance must be ensured.