Markus Eek De Geer

Civil Engineer, Project Manager and Design Team Leader


Education: Civil Engineering

Experience: +20 years

Key competences: Project and design management, Infrastructure, Development projects, Aid and development projects, Climate issues, Business development, Organisation, Collaboration


  • Highly experienced project and design manager with many years of experience in assignment management of major projects in Sweden such as Citybanan and Slussen, as well as abroad. Business development and operations management are other areas where Markus has extensive experience.
  • Has worked in most project phases: from concept study to production. He also has several years of experience as a client and contractor and has a good understanding and knowledge of most of the technical areas involved in the civil engineering sector.
  • Strong leader with broad knowledge and experience of leading both small and large organisations towards collective goals.


Selection of most notable assignments:

  • Project Manager, Logistics Centre in Bålsta 2019 (ongoing)
  • Overall Project Leader, Slussen in Stockholm 2014 – 2019
  • Project Leader, Rural Roads Improvement Project, Kambodja 2013– 2014