Davy Prieur

MSc, Civil Engineering / Project Manager

+46 (0) 76  775 60 01

Davy is an MSc in civil engineering with a background in France and almost twenty years experience in contracting works within civil engineering and house building in Sweden.

Davy has had leading positions in series of major infrastructure projects such as the Bypass Stockholm motorway, Cityline commuter train, ”Getingmidjan” (replacement of two railway bridges in central Stockholm), with a focus on bridges and tunnels. Davy is used to running technically complicated and multidisciplinary projects and build up and lead smaller as well as bigger organizations and thrives in groups with a high degree of diversity.

Besides the management rolls, Davy has a long experience of having economical responsibilities, handling contractual issues, working in cooperation with different types of clients and handling many stakeholders.

As for now, Davy is working with project support.