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Gustav Skans


(SVENSKA SIDAN)Gustav has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with more than 30 years of experience, specifically involving hydropower development and structural engineering. Gustav has been responsible for several feasibility studies regarding construction of new hydro power plants as well as studies on upgrading and refurbishment of existing plants. Gustav has during many years worked with detailed design of hydroelectric power plants and other heavy civil structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels within a wide range of infrastructure projects. In later years Gustav has often had the role as the Owner’s Representative while supervising the progress and quality of civil works on various construction sites for powerhouses, dams, tunnels and spillways. Gustav has during the most recent years since 2013 had roles such as the Resident Engineer at the construction site for a new spillway for the main tailings dam at the Aitik copper mine in Gällivare in Sweden. And prior to that Gustav held the position as the Assistant Project Manager for the detail design of the Xayaburi Hydro Power Project in Lao PDR. And before that he was hired as Foreign Expert and Adviser to the Son La Management Board for all Concrete Works at the Lai Chau Hydro Power Project in Vietnam.


+46 734 12 60 39