Path of the Sun

Project info


Jonas Dahlberg’s “Path of the Sun” is a public artwork commemorating the Centenary of Finland’s Independence. Text by Jonas Dahlberg ( The work consists of a raised and tilted circular structure. It is angled to correlate with the position of the sun as it travels across the sky. Markings in the landscape below the structure notes the time and position on the horizon of the sun at sunrise and sundown on December 6th. The Path of the Sun addresses both the specific and the eternal conditions that took place on this day in 1917. The piece is directly informed by the exact position of this site in our solar system and on this single day. In this way, the specific day of Finland’s independence will be represented every day, from the moment the artwork is completed. Thus, this is a representation of this important historic moment, and, at the same time, a representation of conditions that are recurring and eternal. Year after year, on the 6th of December, the sun will rise at 8:57 EET at this particular site, just as it did in 1917.

Other info

Treeline provides together with ELU Konsult AB structure engineering and cost estimation for this exciting steel structure.